In the distribution industry, the efficiency of trailer movement within storage yards, distribution centres, and ports is crucial. At William Gilder Hire, we recognise the significance of streamlined operations, and our fleet of shunting tugs plays a pivotal role in achieving just that.

What is a Shunting Tug or Yard Tractor?

A shunting tug, also known as a yard tractor, is a specialised vehicle designed for the express purpose of moving loads around depots, shipping yards, warehouses, and distribution centres. These versatile machines boast a lifting fifth wheel, enabling trailers to be shunted without the need to raise and lower landing legs, thus saving valuable time.

Shunting tugs are equipped with a tighter wheelbase, facilitating sharp turns and enhanced manoeuvrability in crowded areas. Their cabs are designed to accommodate only the operator, ensuring a compact yet efficient setup.

Applications of Shunting Tugs

Shunters, also referred to as terminal tractors or shunt lorries in ports, are widely used across various industries. They have proven to be particularly effective in:

  1. Ports: Terminal tractors are indispensable for moving containers within ports, contributing to the seamless flow of goods globally.
  2. Distribution Centres: Shunting tugs are employed for the efficient movement of 36-tonne road trailers, providing a safer and more agile alternative to conventional road trucks.
  3. Industrial Settings: Shunters are utilised in diverse industrial environments for the movement of goods within depots and warehouses.

Gilder Hire’s Shunting Tug Fleet

William Gilder Hire boasts a robust fleet of 165 shunting tugs available for hire. Our shunting tugs are strategically deployed across a spectrum of UK businesses, supporting onsite trailer movement with precision and reliability.

Benefits of Using Shunting Tugs

Compared to traditional tractor units, shunting tugs offer a range of advantages:

  1. Improved Visibility: The design of shunting tugs ensures optimal visibility for the operator, minimising blind spots and enhancing safety.
  2. No Clutch Burnout: Shunting tugs eliminate the risk of clutch burnout, reducing maintenance costs and increasing overall operational efficiency.
  3. One-Person Operation: With a compact cab designed for a single operator, shunting tugs streamline the loading and unloading process, minimising manpower requirements.
  4. Geared to a Specific Speed: Shunting tugs are geared to a specific speed, ensuring a controlled and efficient pace for trailer movement.
  5. Faster Coupling and Uncoupling: The lifting fifth wheel allows for faster coupling and uncoupling of trailers, further optimising operational time.

Explore the Power of Shunting Tugs at William Gilder Hire

At William Gilder, we invite businesses to explore the advantages of shunting tug hire. Whether in ports, distribution centres, or industrial settings, our fleet of shunting tugs is ready to elevate your trailer movement operations.

To learn more about our shunting tugs and how they can benefit your business, visit our Shunting Tug page. Experience the efficiency, safety, and reliability that define William Gilder Hire’s commitment to excellence in trailer movement.