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Shunting Tug Diagnostics

Diagnostic solutions for your shunting tug fleet

Carrying out regular shunting tug diagnostics is essential for maintaining an efficient operation. Our specialists can identify potential issues within a tug fleet and find the necessary solution to keep supply chains moving.

Onsite shunting tug diagnostic tests

Having a shunter out of service can be costly. Delays in moving stock have further implications for firms and the wider public. These can be mitigated through regular diagnostic testing.

Our team of expert technicians can carry out these essential tests at any logistics facility, without the need for the vehicle to be taken to an external location. This ensures that any downtime is kept to the absolute minimum and operations can return to normal swiftly.

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Decades of experience

We are proud to operate and maintain our our fleet of more than 160 shunting tugs at our facility in Gloucestershire. This, along with forming extensive relationships with leading manufactures, gives us an in-depth understanding of what to look out for when conducting shunting tug diagnostics.

Our technicians are available all throughout the year, with emergency support for when unexpected complications occur. Speak to us today for details.

Keeping disruption to a minimum

Diagnostic testing carried out at your site ensures that the shunting tug is back in operation at the soonest possible opportunity. This, in turn, reduces disruption and fits in with scheduled maintenance plans. Preventative steps taken at the earliest opportunity eliminates the risk of costly, and more disruptive, issues from having a more significant impact further down the line.

With even the smallest delay to a supply chain incurring significant costs, diagnostic tests are integral in keeping goods moving.

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