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Liquid Waste Tankering

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Non-hazardous liquid waste tankering

We specialise in transporting liquid waste to treatment centres across the country, with a fleet of modern tankers based in Gloucestershire.

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Capacity for vast loads

We have the capability to carry up to 30 tonnes in a single payload, with vehicles transporting waste across the country.

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Non-hazardous liquid waste tankering

We operate a vast fleet of specialist liquid waste tanker vehicles, transporting non-hazardous materials across the Three Counties and further afield from our base in Gloucestershire.

Our tankers are constructed using aluminium to maximise their lifecycle and we have the capability to transport as much as 30 tonnes in a single payload to waste treatment sits nationwide.

We work closely with major utility companies, and work in accordance with strict environmental regulations to ensure all waste is carried safely to the treatment site. Our heritage in agriculture also means that we are well-placed to advise on using biosolids and natural by-products resulting from anaerobic digestion.

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    Liquid Waste Tankering FAQs

    What is liquid waste?

    Liquid waste is, as the title suggests, any waste product from industrial or domestic processes that fluids that exists in a fluid form. This can be sewage and domestic wastewater, or liquids produced by agricultural and food production methods.

    What do we mean by liquid waste pollution?

    Liquid waste pollution occurs when polluting materials from improperly stored or contained wastewater enters the ground or waterways. Foods grown in soil contaminated in this way can be harmful t0o humans, as can drinking water containing these pollutants.

    How is liquid waste transported safely?

    Liquid waste is transported in specialised containers called tankers, which also have a vacuum pump fitted. These, like the ones we use here at William Gilder Group, transport the waste to treatment facilities across the country.

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