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Our experts explore the wider issues affecting haulage, environmental management, waste transportation, and other vital industries. Read our latest whitepapers, reports, and case studies below, or start with our company brochure.

Reports and whitepapers

We examine the key topics impacting haulage, environmental management, and other areas that affect both us and the clients we serve. Our reports and whitepapers aim to educate wider groups on these topics, while at the same time, drive change to benefit the UK as a whole.

Whitepaper: Is mental health being talked about enough in haulage?

As many as one in four people are affected by mental health during the course of a year. HGV drivers face unique obstacles in getting mental support; is there more the industry can do to help them overcome these challenges?

Health and wellbeing for drivers

The wellbeing of HGV drivers is integral to maintaining an efficient supply chain. At William Gilder Group, we are continuing to evolve our processes to ensure our drivers are supported while on the road, and have collaborated with various organisations to signpost and educate the wider haulage driver network on the help that is out there.

Truck Stops

We are committed to developing quality truck stop facilities for HGV drivers. With 90% of all UK goods transported by road, haulage drivers are integral to keeping our shops stocked and key materials moving around the country.

And yet most are forced to park in unsafe locations, such as laybys and service stations lacking in security or CCTV, putting their safety and their loads at great risk. In 2022, around 5000 incidents of freight crime were reported, with theft being one of the most common. Assaults are also on the increase.

We believe that this needs to change. Our truckstop at Teddington Hands, near the M5, provides a secure location for drivers travelling onto the Midlands and across the Welsh border to rest with the knowledge they are protected by security guards and CCTV. Our onsite shower and toilet facilities are always available, with homecooked food prepared daily at our café, restaurant, and farm shop.

This model is one we are replicating at additional sites across the country. Read on for more about supporting HGV driver welfare on the road.

Mental Health

We collaborate with both local and national mental health organisations to ensure all staff are aware of the support that is available for mental health, including helplines that can be accessed by drivers on the road.

Mental health resources for lorry drivers

Physical Wellbeing Advice

Research has shown that due to the nature of the job, lorry drivers are more vulnerable to health conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Regular exercise while parked at a truck stop or to take mandatory rest can limit the risk of developing these conditions.

An infographic describing exercises for lorry drivers


The William Gilder Group is committed to operating in a sustainable, environmentally-responsible manner. We recognise the need for us to play our part in promoting best practice when it comes to managing our environmental commitments, underpinned by meeting (and exceeding) scientific-based targets set as part of our pledge to the Ecovardis sustainability platform.

Our articles on sustainability

Read our latest articles on the issues surrounding sustainability and how these affect the wider haulage industry.

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Our sustainability initiatives

We have implemented a host of sustainability initiatives across our Gloucestershire sites, with our primary objective to ‘minimise the use of energy, water and natural resources’, in line with the concept of ‘One Planet Living’ (Bioregional/WWF, 2002). Click each image to view in a new tab.

Our Environmental Policy can be accessed in the Useful Documents section.


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