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By-products for Land Application

By-products for Land Application

William Gilder Ltd has a long-standing heritage of working with the farmers and landowners across the UK. We understand the necessity for effective and cost friendly sustainable by-products for land applications that benefit plant and crop growth across a varying range of locations and soil types.

When it comes to managing such products, our ethos is to apply the principles of ‘The Circular Economy’ in the most natural form. We help commercial companies manage organic based wastes into suitable treatment facilities (such as Anaerobic Digestion), then work with the operators to ensure the waste derived product is recycled back to land as nutrient rich fertiliser.

William Gilder Ltd has a strong track record of managing a variety of sustainable products including; Liquid & solid digestate (from anaerobic digestion processes), compost (derived from organic wastes) and a variety of other by-products including water utility sludge, paper crumb and other ‘compost like’ outputs.

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