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Specialists in transporting non-hazardous liquid waste

We're proud to operate one of the largest fleets of tanker vehicles in the region, ensuring waste is carried safely and securely.

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A modern fleet for evolving requirements

Our fleet consists mainly of Volvo and Scania vehicles, and is continuously updated according to the needs of our clients.

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The right vehicle for
your requirements

Our fleet consists of liquid waste tankers, low-loaders, bulk tippers, and artics. We operate across the UK, from Gloucestershire to the North of England and East Anglia.

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Putting driver safety first

All our drivers undertake a series of training modules and we ensure all our vehicles are equipped with the latest safety technology.

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Maintaining our vehicles

All our vehicles undergo regular, stringent maintenance processes at our Gloucestershire facility to ensure operational effectiveness and safety.

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Transporting non-hazardous material safely

We are proud to operate a large fleet of HGV and liquid waste tankering vehicles to transport non-hazardous materials wherever they need to be. Our vehicles are mainly Volvo or Scania models and we are constantly refreshing our fleet with the most up-to-date registered models.

We operate on a nationwide scale, with our clients based in East Anglia, the South West, the Midlands, and in the north of England. All of our vehicles are fitted with sophisticated technology that allows our drivers to maintain contact with our head office team in Gloucestershire should they ever encounter an issue.

With around 100 to 150 loads taking place per day, our transport service is integral to ensuring wastewater and other environmental waste products are safely transported to treatment facilities across the country.

Contact our team to discuss your individual needs.

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Front view of lorry at a garage with William Gilder Group company logos

Operating a modern, versatile fleet

Because of the diverse nature of the sites that we visit, we have carefully selected our vehicles and tanks for their suitability to work in areas with restricted access and for their capacity. Some examples of the types of waste we transport include:

  • Landfill leachate
  • Effluent washings from food production
  • Food grade waste oil and fats
  • Food wastes
  • Waste ink from printing companies
  • Blood from abattoirs
  • Digestate from anaerobic digestion facilities
  • Soils and aggregates

As a result, we take great pride in operating one of the most up-to-date fleets in our region, with a payload capacity of up to 30 tonnes. Our tanks are constructed from stainless steel, which is designed to have a longer operational life than aluminium, and we also operate close to 50 artic vehicles.

Investing in our fleet in this way ensure that we are always ready for changing client requirements. Contact the team for more details.

Managing our responsibilities

Our fleet is fully Euro 6 rated and we are continuously refreshing our vehicles to ensure that it is always in line with the latest operational requirements. The vast majority of our currently active lorries are five years old or under, and we sell on our vehicles once they reach the end of their lifecycle with us thorough our Gilder Sales division.

We also optimise our routes through sophisticated planning software and prioritise routes for their efficiency. Similarly, we constantly use data to educate our drivers on how best to utilise their vehicles and encourage responsible driving habits.

By operating our own vehicle maintenance facility at our Gloucestershire head office, we retain control and ownership over the condition of our trucks, ensuring that every last procedure is conducted according to the highest standards.

Front view of lorry parked in a garage
A driver entering a lorry cab

Prioritising driver safety

Our drivers are the heartbeat of our company. Without them, we simply would not have the successful organisation that The William Gilder Group is today.

This is one of the main reasons why we have invested heavily in technology to maintain the safety of our drivers while they are out on the road and our clients’ sites. Each vehicle is fitted with cameras and our head office team monitors them on their respective journeys. Should a driver ever be in an emergency, we can be instantly notified and arrange help where needed.

Similarly, all vehicles are compliant with the Direct Vision Standard (DVS) and are fitted with collision warning systems. Wherever they are in the country, our drivers can be assured that they are as safe as possible, with assistance available should they need it.

Utilising technology to deliver efficiency

With technology playing a key role in daily life, we have worked to keep pace with that reliance. Through the use of Cloud-based file sharing software, our drivers are able to notify colleagues and management of any potential obstacles that might be encountered at a new site, such as if there is limited access, and other key characterisations about the location they are going to be at. This also aids our planning teams to ensure that the vehicle assigned to the specific job is suitable and is in close proximity.

Our systems are constantly updated, enabling us to react to changes in our clients’ needs and maintain the high levels of service our reputation is built on. But we don’t just stop there – we are always looking at new ways in which technology can enhance our performance and service offering.

Three computer monitors in an office
Side view of lorry cab

In-house driver training to ensure high standards

Each one of our drivers undergoes a series of in-house training modules before they are allowed out onto the road. We combine online training with classroom-based lessons and in-person induction so that our drivers are confident in carrying out their responsibilities and our clients can be assured those responsibilities are completed in line with the highest possible standards.

We also carry out a shadowing period prior to a new driver starting with us, overseen by one of our trained professionals. Our other areas of driver training include manual handling, diverse loading, and overall health & safety awareness.

All in-person training is conducted at our Gloucestershire facility off the M5 motorway with shadowing completed out on the road.

A complete transport and treatment solution

Since 2002 our nationwide waste management team has been supporting water utilities and a range of private sector clients. We are proud to manage over one million tonnes of waste per annum. Much of this is treated at our wastewater treatment plant at Toddington, Gloucestershire, a short distance away from our main office and truckstop facilities.

The Toddington site opened in 2014 and is permitted to recycle a wide range of non-hazardous wastewaters and sludges. These are treated in an anerobic environment before being safely disposed of in accordance with environmental regulations. Other treated materials are returned to the land as organic fertiliser or in land restoration.

For open areas of land, or at vulnerable sites such as Special Scientific Interest locations, we can install a temporary trackway to protect the environment while still being able to maintain safe access to the site. This is particularly beneficial at boggy land or for getting to challenging areas.

Learn more about our environmental management support solutions here.

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