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Waterway management

Waterway management

The UK consists of some 2 000 miles of inland waterways, including canals that have fallen into disrepair for one reason or another. Aside from the obvious visual issues, poorly maintained canals impact on wildlife and pose safety hazards to the 750 million visitors to canals and 35 000 boat licence holders in the UK. At William Gilder Group, we have the equipment, dedication, and knowledge to support these critical networks and provide a host of waterway management services.

Dredging – the removal of debris along with silt and other materials built up over time – is an important activity for maintaining the health of a waterway. When carried out carefully, it can steer a course towards healthier water networks. Working alongside a nationwide land and water environmental management expert, we support the maintenance of the network of waterways across England.

All dredged material is transported using our fleet of specialist haulage vehicles to our Gloucestershire treatment site, where it is dewartered and made suitable for other uses, such as within agriculture or in the restoration of the natural environment.

In addition, we provide a barley straw service for removing algae from reservoirs and lakes, and maintaining water quality. When it begins to decompose, the barley straw releases naturally-occurring chemicals into the water which limits algae growth. Because the process is organic, no harmful toxins are produced, giving clear and clean water as a result.

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