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Vehicle Inspections, MOT’s & Repairs Terms & Conditions

Vehicle Inspections, MOT’s & Repairs Terms & Conditions

Please be advised when you book your vehicle in with us for any repairs, inspections or MOT’s, the vehicle must arrive with the following removed:

  • All none type approved modifications
  • Wheel nut covers / indicators
  • Any added body work that restricts access.

For MOT vehicles any additional lights that have been fitted which do not conform to the current legislation must be either disconnected or removed prior to the vehicle arriving for MOT preparation and test.

Whilst your vehicle is in our workshop any parts that your vehicle requires will be ordered and supplied by us and will be subject to a 17.5% uplift charge on the supplier’s price. When parts are required, we will inform you of anything required for your vehicle and at this stage you can state if you would like the works to continue and if you would like genuine or aftermarket parts for your vehicle.

If you have any queries regarding the above, please don’t hesitate to contact us by emailing workshop@williamgilder.co.uk or calling our workshop office at 01242 509 791.