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Biosolids and by-products management

Biosolids and by-products management

William Gilder Ltd has a strong track record of managing a variety of biosolids including liquid & solid digestate (from anaerobic digestion processes), compost (derived from organic wastes) and a variety of other by-products including water utility sludge, paper crumb and other ‘compost like’ outputs.

Full recovery and recycle process

We manage the full waste cycle, from extraction and removal, through to transporting the material to approved facilities where it is made suitable for returning it to the land in the form of natural, nutrient-rich products for use on agricultural land.

We carry up to 100 000 tons of waste per annum, using a vast fleet of specialist transport vehicles.

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Managing water by-products

In recent years, we have also introduced barley straw treatment as part of our water management offering. This method is a natural means of controlling algae growth in commercial reservoirs, without using harmful chemicals which can ultimately end up in drinking water supplies.

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