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Vacuum Tanker Hire

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Vaccuum tanker hire

We have a wide fleet of vaccuum tankers, capable of transporting large amounts of liquid waste safely.

Flexible vacuum tanker hire on your terms

Our hire services include vacuum tankers of various capacity. All are available on a flexible hire model to suit all budgets and exact technical specifications.

We appreciate that many clients decide in favour of hiring capital items rather than bear the outlay, providing the flexibility they need to focus on core operations. Our agreements are on both short and long-term basis, ensuring that when needs change, you are not locked into a lengthy contract.

Our fleet includes 2000 and 3000 gallon tankers, maintained by our trained technicians to ensure that they are in top condition for when you need them.

If you require a tanker on long term hire, we can provide you with a tanker which is branded with your companies’ livery. Our short-term vacuum tanker hire is ideal for those clients who need a tanker on a one-off basis or to accommodate increased workload.

For Tanker Hire please contact Industrial Services on 01242 509792.

Side view of tanker vehicle

Our vacuum tankers

2000-gallon tanker

  • Completely refurbished together with new paintwork
  • 2005 DAF LF
  • Rigid Tanker 4-wheeler
  • 2000 Gallon
  • (1800 dirty / 200 clean)
  • 10 gpm Wash-down pump
  • Jet Lance

3000-gallon tanker

Lez compliant

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