With a steadfast commitment to providing a complete non-hazardous liquid waste tankering solution, our team at William Gilder Group utilizes one of the most modern vehicle fleets in the region. Demonstrating our dedication to versatility and efficiency, our stainless steel tankering units are designed to carry a maximum payload of up to 30 tonnes. Whether you’re situated in an area with restricted access or a remote location, we possess the vehicles and expertise to meet your non-hazardous liquid waste transportation needs.

Our Extensive Range of Services:

Situated conveniently near the M5 motorway in Gloucestershire, we provide non-hazardous liquid waste tankering services throughout the country. Our comprehensive services include the transport and disposal of septic tank and interceptor waste, leachate removal from landfill operations, and all types of local authority work. Operating 24/7, our team is ready to respond to unforeseen incidents, ensuring efficient and timely service.

Diverse Sources, Certified Disposal:

At WGG Group, we collect and dispose of non-hazardous liquid waste, sludge, and slurry from various sources, including septic tanks, drains, sewers, gullies, and storage tanks. Our commitment to responsible waste management extends to working with reputable and certified disposal sites, covering everything from one-off tankering jobs to intensive regional and national operations.

Specialist Fleet and Capabilities:

Maintaining our own fleet of specialist tankers, we ensure the safe removal and transport of bulk non-hazardous liquids. Our liquid waste tankers handle everything from straightforward collections to complex cleaning projects, supported by our Industrial Services teams. Whether it’s non-hazardous effluent removal, leachate disposal, or bulk liquid waste transportation, we have the expertise to manage it all.

Advanced Technology for Efficient Operations:

Our vac tankers can handle sludge with a dry-to-solid ratio (D.S) of up to approximately 6%, while our new hi-vac tankers (DISAB) allow us to transport loads with heavier solids and grits. Working with bulk liquid waste tankers significantly streamlines the transportation process, allowing us to move around 3000 tonnes of liquid waste per day.

Environmental Responsibility:

When you choose William Gilder Group for your non-hazardous liquid waste tankering needs, you contribute to environmentally friendly policies. The majority of our liquid waste disposal loads go towards anaerobic digestion for the production of green energy, aligning with our commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

For a reliable and efficient non-hazardous liquid waste tankering solution, trust William Gilder Group. Learn more about our tankering services here. Liquid waste tankering is not just a service; it’s our commitment to the health and longevity of your property’s waste management infrastructure.