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Mental health and haulage

Mental health and haulage

Around one in four of us will develop a mental health condition over the course of a year. Awareness has arguably never been stronger, thanks to campaigns such as Time to Talk Day, which aims to encourage people to hold conversations about their mental wellbeing and ultimately, seek the support they need. Such campaigns are also vital in enabling loved ones of people affected by mental health to further their understanding and learn how they, too, can lend a listening ear.

For haulage, however, there are unique challenges that need addressing. HGV drivers face a host of pressures from deadlines to coping with traffic delays and the actions of other road users, all of which can take a toll on mental wellbeing. Yet the support which may be accessible in an office role is not necessarily available to drivers parked at a service station or truck stop.

The stereotypes and stigma that still surround mental health then result in drivers ‘bottling up’ emotions and the sense of isolation which comes from being out on the road for hours at a time only exacerbates the problem.

Our whitepaper, ‘Is mental health being talked about enough in the haulage industry’, published ahead of Time to Talk Day 2024, sheds light on the steps haulage firms can take in supporting mental health and what drivers actually feel in the course of their work.

Read the full document here and below.

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